The Man’s Decree – Chapter 634

Chapter 634 Use Your Hand To Form A Blade

Seeing that, Sean guffawed in delight. “Ha! Yes, that’s right. Beat him to a pulp until he breathes his last breath!”

Jared stared at The Fearsome Four solemnly.
If he had a good weapon now, it would be easier for him to defeat the four of them.

It was time to get himself a suitable weapon or risk being in a disadvantageous position before The Fearsome Four, who were all Senior Grandmasters.

“Use your hand and power to form a blade.
When you and the blade come as one, you’ll be powerful enough to turn the tables…”

Just as Jared was feeling vexed about fighting without a weapon against The Fearsome Four, a familiar voice rang out.

He turned at his shoulder hastily and spotted Rayleigh. The latter was staring at him but showed no intentions of offering help.

“Use my hand as a blade?” Jared mused.

He had no idea what Rayleigh meant.

“Your body is harder than steel. Turn your hand into a blade. This blade will be stronger than any blade in the world. Alas, you have no idea how to make use of it,” Rayleigh reminded him.

A revelation hit Jared. Overjoyed, he started pondering over Rayleigh’s words.

Sean’s expression turned grim when he saw Rayleigh. “Who are you?” he demanded icily.
‘If you don’t have a death wish, then stay away from us.”

Rayleigh gave Jared one last glance before turning to leave. He didn’t utter a word and soon disappeared from sight.

Slowly, Jared stretched out his right hand.
There was a burning passion in his gaze as his brain began to spiral with knowledge. Clearly, he had learned something from Rayleigh’s brief reminder.

“Use my hand and power to form a blade…”

He gathered his spiritual energy from his elixir field and directed it to his right hand.

Jared’s right hand began to glow, and the faint glow soon grew into a golden ray of light as his arm turned into a shiny blade.

“What are you doing? Kill him now!” Sean commanded The Fearsome Four furiously.

Doomer reacted at once. He raised his fist and threw a punch in Jared’s direction. The punch

was so powerful that it made a sonic boom as

it cut through the air.

Jared’s lips curled into a smile. When Doomer’s fist was right before him, he swung his hand down, chopping off Doomer’s arm with a smooth swoosh.

At once, blood spurted out of Doomer’s wound.
Jared took the chance to kick Doomer and send the latter flying backward.

“How dare they claim to be impenetrable? They are no match for me.”

Having chopped off Doomer’s arm, Jared felt more confident.

“H-How is that possible?” Sean looked incredulous at the sight of Doomer’s broken arm.

Besides mastering the Impenetrable Skill, The Fearsome Four had also been modified by the Cooper family. Even if they didn’t use their skill, bullets wouldn’t be able to penetrate their bodies. However, Jared was competent enough to cut Doomer’s arm off with his hand.

Jared’s ability had exceeded Sean’s expectations.

‘Form the formation!” he yelled with a contorted expression.

Hearing his order, The Fearsome Four suddenly stood together in a line. Doomer, who had lost one arm and was still bleeding profusely, paid no heed to his wound.

The Fearsome Four swung their fists forward at the same time, and those who were at the scene could feel the space shaking under their force.

One punch, two punches, three punches…

After eight punches, a strange scene occurred.
A gigantic fist had appeared in midair and a ray of light was bursting out of it.

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