The Man’s Decree – Chapter 635

Chapter 635 Useless

The Fearsome Four had formed the gigantic fist using their martial energy. A while ago, they weren’t wasting their energy by punching the ait for no reason. Instead, they were gathering their martial energy in midair to form the gigantic fist.

Waves of energy escaped the gigantic fist before it came for Jared.

The fist was forceful enough to create a huge gust of wind. The wind whizzed against everyone’s ears as it sent dust and debris flying everywhere.

Sean could barely open his eyes. He immediately took a few steps back and gazed at Jared smugly. “Jared, let’s see how you’ll survive this.”

Jared’s eyes narrowed as he watched the fist descend from the sky. He raised his right hand slowly and stomped on the ground.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Long, branching cracks appeared and spread all over the road.

The cracks increased in size, and he could put his entire fist into the gap.

Looking at the cracks on the ground, Sean was no longer smug. His expression turned as dark as thunder.

Jared can cause this much damage with just a stomp of his foot. I wonder how powerful he is.

Before Sean could react, a huge boom pierced the air. Jared had leaped off the ground and used his own fist to strike the gigantic fist.

A blinding ray of light shone and disappeared in a flash. Following Jared’s attack, the gigantic fist was crushed into pieces, its remnants scattering to the four winds.

Despite that, The Fearsome Four refused to give up. They punched the air repeatedly to gather their energy and formed another gigantic fist yet again.

Jared had almost exhausted his spiritual energy from crushing the gigantic fist. He had just landed on the ground when another fist came for him.

Jared raised his head and watched as the gigantic fist arrived before him in the blink of an eye.

He clenched his jaw and used his body to withstand the punch.


The collision sounded as if a bomb had landed on the ground and exploded on impact.

From a distance away, Sean could feel the ground shaking, and the burst of energy had caused stones to swirl in the air.

The impact of the collision left a crater a few meters wide on the ground. Jared stood in the middle of the crater. His clothes were tattered, revealing his tanned skin.

At once, Sean dashed toward the edge of the crater. He wanted to see if Jared had been crushed into a pulp from the punch. But to his dismay, Jared was still alive and standing in the middle of the crater. He seemed fine, save for his tattered clothes. There was no visible wound on his body.

Jared scrutinized his disheveled self, and delight rose in his heart. My body is stronger than I thought. No wonder an energy cultivator as experienced as Rayleigh went to the trouble to get the body-quenching pill.

Slowly, Jared looked up and flashed a wide grin in Sean’s direction, causing a wave of fury to crash through Sean’s being.

‘Useless! Bunch of useless fools! Keep beating him until he dies!” Sean exploded.

The Fearsome Four gathered their martial energy and threw punches into the air.


A huge fist descended from the sky yet again.
Jared stood unmoving and endured the powerful punch.

When the fist landed on Jared’s body, he felt no pain as a relaxing sensation spread over his body instead. Looks like the more I hone my body, the more indestructible it will become after I began cultivating.

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