The Man’s Decree – Chapter 636

Chapter 636 Exhausted

The force caused the crater to deepen. After the dust cleared, Sean, who was standing at the edge, realized that Jared was still standing in the middle of the crater. Jared was gazing at him, disdain evident in his gaze.

“Ugh!” Sean nearly lost it. “You’re all useless! Have you been starving? Unleash your full power!”

At his order, The Fearsome Four continued to punch the air.

Soon, their backs were drenched with sweat.
As they had almost exhausted their martial energy, the gigantic fists they formed grew weaker with every attempt.

“Sean, have you been starving the four of them?” Jared asked mockingly from his spot in the middle of the crater.

Rage ran red through Sean’s brain. He was about to command The Fearsome Four to continue their attack when he belatedly realized they had collapsed on the ground.

The Fearsome Four were his puppets and would listen to his every command until they exhausted their martial energy and died.
Previously, they didn’t stop attacking Jared.
Now that they had collapsed, it was obvious that they were dead.

The Fearsome Four’s death caused Sean to regain his senses. Anxiety flashed across his gaze.

The Fearsome Four were the trump cards of the Cooper family. But now that they had died out of exhaustion under Sean’s order, he knew his elder brother wouldn’t let this slide.

Regret overwhelmed Sean. I should’ve known The Fearsome Four wasn’t Jared’s match.
However, Jared’s provocation caused me to lose my mind. I ended up ordering them to attack Jared nonstop and caused them to die out of exhaustion.

Right then, Jared leaped out of the crater after a long silence.

When he saw The Fearsome Four’s bodies on the ground, he couldn’t stop himself from laughing out loud. “Ha! I thought The Fearsome Four could train together with me, but they are already dead. Did they die after exhausting their martial energy?”

Jared’s mocking words caused Sean to tremble in anger. The latter reached toward his waist and whipped out a whip sword.

‘Jared Chance, I am going to kill you today!”

Sean swung his whip sword, which turned into countless sword shadows that surrounded Jared.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

After a series of metallic clashing sounds, Sean took two steps back hastily. His hand holding the whip sword was trembling. Even the contour between his thumb and index finger was aching from the impact.

He glanced at his whip sword refined with steel and realized that there was an indent on it.
Slowly, the sword broke into a million pieces starting from the indent.

“Your sword may be great, but it is no match for my blade,” Jared commented excitedly as he gazed at his right hand.

Sean tossed away the hilt of his sword and glared at Jared. Rage quickened his blood, but he didn’t take action against Jared, as he knew he wasn’t Jared’s match.

‘If you’re not going to make your move, then I will.”

Jared leaped into the air.

His right hand cut through the air gently, and a blinding arc appeared before everyone’s eyes.
It was horrifyingly powerful, and it conjured a storm. Before the arc could reach Sean, Jared struck yet again.

A few dozen strikes later, the sky had darkened.

The arcs enveloped Sean thoroughly. It was impossible for Sean to escape from it.
However, he wasn’t planning on escaping, for he had already mentally prepared himself to face his death.

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