The Man’s Decree – Chapter 638

Chapter 638 An Expert

Jared frowned after reading the note. The spiritual medicine and spiritual stones were decreasing. As his capabilities grew, he needed more spiritual energy.

After ripping the note into pieces, Jared went into the house. He was planning on taking a shower and getting some rest when Josephine called.

Jared answered the call immediately.
‘Josephine? Why are you calling me at this hour?”

It was getting dark, and Josephine rarely called him this late.

‘If I didn’t call you, you wouldn’t even tell me that you’re back. You don’t want to see me,

huh? Or did you hide a woman in the house and you don’t want me to find out about it?”

Josephine demanded.

“How did you know I’m back?” Jared was.
puzzled. He didn’t inform her about his return, as he wanted to rest. The previous fight with The Fearsome Four had drained his energy.

‘Ha! Do you think I won’t find out if you don’t say anything? I have spies all over Dragon Bay! You can’t hide anything from me!” Josephine scoffed.

Jared smiled resignedly. Someone must’ve spotted my return and informed Josephine about it.

“No. Why would I hide it from you? I just took a shower and was about to call you. I can’t meet you when I smelled disgusting, can I?”

‘I don’t trust you!” Josephine said half-jokingly.
“You must’ve met another woman in Jadeborough and forgot about me.”

‘If you don’t trust me, then I’ll just cut the line and go to bed. I’m really tired…”

Jared wasn’t about to argue with Josephine, for he knew she was joking.

“Don’t hang up! I’ll head to your house right now. Don’t go to bed!”

Josephine headed straight to Dragon Bay without cutting the line.

Knowing that he couldn’t go to bed, Jared brewed himself a cup of coffee and sat on the couch as he waited for Josephine.

Very quickly, the door unlocked. Josephine had arrived with Lizbeth in tow.

Jared got to his feet, wanting to give Josephine a hug to apologize to her, but she gave him a punch instead.

Stunned, Jared swerved aside to avoid her attack. Josephine refused to give up and swung another punch in his direction, forcing him to retreat.

‘Josephine, what are you doing?” Jared was.
taken aback. He had no idea why Josephine had started attacking him right after they met.

Josephine felt her anger building after failing to touch Jared. She halted and turned to Lizbeth.
‘Lizbeth, what you taught me didn’t work. I can’t even lay a hand on him.”

Lizbeth was amused when she heard her complain. “Josephine, do you know how capable Jared is? I can’t even lay a hand on him, let alone you.”

‘I don’t care. Teach me so I can become an expert…” Josephine responded with a pout.

“What are you both up to?” Jared asked.

His confusion heightened after he heard Josephine and Lizbeth’s exchange.

Lizbeth proceeded to explain everything to him.
Only then did Jared find out that Josephine had asked Lizbeth to teach her martial arts after he came back from Jadeborough. She didn’t want to be a burden to him.

Josephine knew that Jared would allow her to stay in Jadeborough if she was an expert. The reason why he hadn’t let her stay was that he was afraid that she would be in danger. After all, he couldn’t protect her at all times.

After listening to Lizbeth’s explanation, Jared was moved. He stepped forward and took Josephine’s hand. Gazing at her affectionately, he said, “Practicing martial arts is a hard feat.
You don’t have to suffer. I’ll protect you.”

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