The Man’s Decree – Chapter 639

Chapter 639 A Challenge

Josephine shook her head. “I’m not afraid of hardships. I want to be someone useful so you won’t have to worry about me.”

Gently, Jared pulled Josephine into his arms.
His gaze was affectionate, and Josephine leaned into his embrace to enjoy the moment.

Envy rose in Lizbeth’s heart as she gazed at the sweet couple. In the end, she joked, “All right. Obviously, you don’t think of me as an outsider with your PDA…”

Hearing that, Josephine hastily wiggled out of Jared’s arms.

‘I don’t think of you as an outsider. If you’re jealous, you’re welcome to hug Jared and feel it for yourself,” Josephine answered cheerfully.

‘I won’t do that!” Lizbeth retorted as a blush crept up her cheeks.

Although she wanted to feel what it was like to be in Jared’s arms, she knew it wasn’t right to do so.

Every time Lizbeth recalled how Jared had hugged her naked body back in Summerbank, she thought that his warm chest was the safest place in the world.

Jared glanced at both ladies as an evil thought popped up in his mind. If both ladies leaped into my arms, it would feel amazing to hug them both together, wouldn’t it?

It was normal for Jared to have that thought, for he was a man. Besides, Josephine had been joking that both ladies could take care of Jared together, so he suddenly got that idea.

However, that was merely a fleeting thought.
He quickly sat back down on the couch to hide his embarrassment.

‘Jared, Tessa has delivered the stones you need. They are piled up in the garden. Did you see them?” Josephine asked.

‘I did.” Jared nodded in affirmation.

“Tessa’s a superstar, but she delivered the stones here personally. Clearly, she values you a lot. If I hadn’t stopped her, she would’ve gone to Jadeborough to deliver them to you,” Josephine revealed.

Obviously, she was jealous.
“Well…” Jared had no answer for that.

I had no idea that Tessa wanted to deliver the spiritual stones to Jadeborough! Thank goodness she didn’t. If the energy cultivators in Jadeborough discovered the spiritual stone mine, I could no longer keep it to myself. After all, the energy cultivators adored spiritual stones.

Josephine and Lizbeth stayed until nighttime before leaving. With Lizbeth’s help, Josephine prepared dinner, and dinner was a pleasant affair.

After they left, Jared didn’t go to bed right away. He crossed his legs on the bed and used the Focus Technique to absorb the intense spiritual energy emitted by the spiritual stones.

Before Josephine left, he had told her that he would be cultivating for the next few days and shouldn’t be disturbed. Thus, for the next few days, he could cultivate without any worry.

However, three days after Jared started his cultivation, something big happened in Jadeborough and the martial arts world. The head of the Cooper family, Xander, had come out from solitary training earlier than expected and had posted a challenge on Chanaea’s martial arts forum right after that, causing Jared who was somewhat famous in Jazona to propel to popularity within the martial arts world.

“Who is this Jared Chance? I’ve never heard of his name in the martial arts world.”

“One who is worthy of a challenge from the Cooper family must be a powerful being. It’s a pity we’ve never heard of him.”

‘Is he not a martial artist? Is he a mage? Or a warrior from another country?”

‘Jared Chance is quite popular in Jazona.
Previously, he defeated Derek Jantz and a few Grandmasters from the Cooper family in the Warriors Alliance Conference held by both Jazona and Nuthana. It can be said that he united Jazona’s martial arts force, and no one dared to offend him. I believe that’s why Xander Cooper wants to challenge him.”

“You’re wrong. Xander Cooper isn’t that free.
Jared Chance had killed both Franco and Gavin from the Cooper family, so Xander came out of solitary training earlier than expected to take revenge. The Cooper family might end at his generation thanks to Jared’s action.”

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