The Man’s Decree – Chapter 640

Chapter 640 Rules

Jared didn’t know he was now a famous person in the martial arts world. The more popular he got, the more trouble flooded in.

If Theodore and Jermaine hadn’t supported Jared in Jadeborough, Xander would’ve gone to Horington right after coming out of his solitary training to avenge his son.

Now that Xander had issued a challenge, Jermaine couldn’t say anything despite being the leader of Senary Porta. After all, it was normal for those from the martial arts world to solve their grudge in the arena. Jermaine couldn’t interfere in their business.

However, Jared was so engrossed in his cultivation at this moment that he had no idea about the challenge. He didn’t even know the entire martial arts world had their eyes on him.

Meanwhile, martial artists from the martial arts world had gathered outside Dragon Bay.
Tommy and Phoenix had also rushed here from Summerbank with their team consisting of a few hundred people. They weren’t bothered by the Cooper family’s or Xander’s power.
Jared was their overlord, and they would listen to his orders. They were prepared to risk their lives to protect Jared.

Walter, William, and the mayor, Glen, too, had shown up at Dragon Bay to discuss a solution with Jared. Despite being Horington’s mayor, Glen dared not take Jared’s side before the Cooper family who hailed from Jadeborough.

They gathered at Dragon Bay anxiously. Yet Jared was still in the middle of his cultivation, and no one dared to interrupt him.

‘Dad, what should we do?” Josephine asked, at a loss.

She didn’t know who Xander was, but Lizbeth had told her that Xander was a powerful being in the martial arts world. She couldn’t help but worry that Xander would kill Jared.

“Calm down. Look, people have congregated here to figure out a solution!” William assured her.

‘It’s all my fault. Even if it means sacrificing myself, I’ll make sure Jared is safe,” Lizbeth asserted.

She was prepared to sacrifice herself to block a fatal strike for Jared if it turned out that the latter wasn’t Xander’s match.

Walter stared at his granddaughter worriedly, but he didn’t say anything, as the Granges were the cause of the incident. Jared wouldn’t have killed Franco if not for saving Lizbeth.

If Jared had not taken Franco’s life, Xander wouldn’t have issued a challenge against him.

Everyone wore grim expressions, and a tensed silence followed. As Jared was still cultivating, the only thing they could do was to wait.

“Mr. Grange, I know nothing about the martial arts world. If someone issues a challenge, can we ignore it? Besides, the man requested to fight against Jared in the arena three days later. What if Jared is still in solitary training?” William asked Walter, for he knew nothing about the martial arts world.

With a sigh, Walter said, “Since the other party has issued a challenge, Mr. Chance’s reputation will go down the drain in the martial arts world if he doesn’t accept the challenge.
Most importantly, that will give Xander a reason to hunt Jared down using despicable means.
Besides Mr. Chance, everyone around him will be dragged into the mess. This time, Xander must’ve issued a challenge because he ran into some obstacles in Jadeborough.
Otherwise, he would’ve hunted Mr. Chance down directly.”

Clearly, the consequences of not accepting the challenge were horrible, as Jared’s friends and family would be affected.

William fell silent upon hearing that.

Tommy wore a vicious expression as he snorted. “Ha! No matter how influential the Cooper family and Xander are, they are now in Horington, our territory. We have over one thousand men, including our men in Horington plus the men we transferred over from Summerbank. There’s no way the Coopers will be our match,” he declared.

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