The Man’s Decree – Chapter 641

Chapter 641 Bronze Breastplate

“How childish!” Right after Tommy said that, a female voice sounded outside the house.

Everyone turned toward the voice and saw a pretty young lady strolling into the house. With her ponytails, she seemed like a student.

“Who are you?” Tommy asked icily as he shot her a glare.

An ordinary girl would’ve jolted in fright at Tommy’s expression, but this young lady was.
unfazed. “I came all the way from Jadeborough to look for Jared Chance.”

The crowd looked at each other before turning to look at Josephine.

They knew that Jared had stayed in Jadeborough alone for a few days, but they didn’t expect a young girl from Jadeborough to show up so suddenly not long after his return.

“Who are you? Why do you want to talk to Jared?” Josephine demanded as her hostile gaze landed on the young lady.

The young lady gave Josephine the once-over and snickered with disdain. “You must be Josephine. Yes, you’re pretty, but you’re nothing but a pretty face. There’s no energy within your body. If you stay by Jared’s side, you’ll get into trouble one day. Jared’s not free to protect you at all times.”

“Hey!” Josephine fumed. Before she could charge at the young lady, Walter held her back.

As the young lady from Jadeborough gave off an extraordinary aura, it would be best not to make enemies now.

‘Miss, may I know why you want to see Jared?” Walter asked politely.

‘I’m here to give him something. Where is he?”

“Mr. Chance is cultivating in his room. He has been in there for three days,” Walter answered honestly.

“Wake him up now! A disaster is going to arrive three days later. He should come up with a plan as soon as possible.”

Before she could knock on the door, Tommy and Phoenix blocked her way.

“No one can disturb Mr. Chance when he’s cultivating unless he wakes up himself.”

Tommy and Phoenix knew that Jared hated people disturbing him when he was cultivating, so they stepped forward to stop the young lady from interrupting him.

The young woman gazed at them and rolled her eyes in exasperation. She didn’t insist on knocking on the door and went aside.

A spiritual sense wafted out of her body and went to Jared.

In the middle of his cultivation, Jared realized that someone’s spiritual sense was checking on him. His eyes snapped open. He leaped up from the bed and dashed out of his room.

The sight of the crowd in his living room caused him to stop in his tracks in astonishment.

“W-What are you all doing here? What’s the occasion?” Jared asked in confusion.

‘They are here to send you off. You’re going to die in two days,” the young lady said after taking a step forward.

‘Melanie? W-When did you arrive?” Jared’s.
shock intensified at the sight of Melanie.

He glanced around earnestly. Melanie’s here, so Rayleigh might’ve come with her!

“Stop looking around. Mr. Deragon isn’t here. I came here alone,” Melanie uttered.

She pulled out something as big as her palm. It was dotted with rust and looked as if it was dug out fresh from the ground.

‘This is a bronze breastplate. Mr. Deragon asked me to deliver his precious baby to you.
Look how he adores you. You can withstand a fatal blow from Xander after putting it on. Mr.
Deragon also wants me to inform you that Xander is a Martial Arts Grandmaster. You are no match for a Martial Arts Grandmaster, so it’s best to stay away from him if you don’t have a death wish.”

With that said, she tossed the bronze breastplate to Jared and turned to leave without looking back.

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