The Man’s Decree – Chapter 642

Chapter 642 Do Not Worry

Apart from William and those who weren’t martial artists, the term “Martial Arts Grandmaster” shocked everyone senseless.
Tommy and Phoenix, especially, knew how horrifyingly powerful a Martial Arts Grandmaster could be.

A while ago, Tommy had claimed to be unafraid, as he had thousands of men with him. Now, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. No matter how many men he had, they would all be reduced to mere ants before a Martial Arts Grandmaster.

Jared stared at Melanie’s retreating figure. He felt the urge to go after her and asked about Rayleigh’s real identity, curious as to why Rayleigh would help him. In the end, he didn’t move an inch because he knew Melanie wouldn’t reveal anything.

Josephine was also looking at Melanie’s back as an awkward expression flitted across her face. She’s here to deliver something to help Jared out, but why do I feel so jealous?

She recalled Melanie’s words and realized that the latter was right. I’m nothing but a pretty face who might burden Jared in the future…

With that thought in mind, Josephine felt her mood dampen.

“What’s going on?” Jared asked again after sweeping his gaze across the crowd.

“Mr. Chance, take a look at this.”

Tommy pulled out his phone and clicked into the forum before showing the post to Jared.

Comprehension dawned on Jared after he read the challenge posted by Xander on the forum.

Looks like Xander has come out of solitary training and issued the challenge after realizing I killed his son and nephew.

‘Its bound to happen eventually. You guys don’t have to be so anxious.” Everyone seemed despondent, so Jared flashed a smile.
‘It’s just Xander Cooper. I can defeat him.”

Phoenix said fearfully, “Mr. Chance, Xander Cooper is now a Martial Arts Grandmaster after coming out of solitary training. I believe he is comparable to an immortal.”

As a level-seven Grandmaster, she wasn’t even close to becoming a Senior Grandmaster.
Yet their rival was already a Martial Arts Grandmaster, and she couldn’t imagine how powerful he could be.

‘Don’t worry. Look, someone gave me a tool to protect myself. Xander won’t be able to kill me.
Who knows, I might win the battle! Don’t you worry,” Jared said indifferently.

Truth be told, Jared wasn’t really confident deep down. He was merely trying to assure the crowd so they wouldn’t worry about him. He had never fought against a Martial Arts Grandmaster. Previously, he had exhausted his spiritual energy to defeat The Fearsome Four and had nearly died at their hands, so he didn’t know if he could survive the fight with a Martial Arts Grandmaster.

Regardless, Jared wasn’t about to shy away from it. He would accept the challenge issued by Xander. That way, he could relax knowing that the Cooper family wouldn’t target his friends and family. Right now, he was most worried about Josephine. If the Coopers were to take action against her in secret, he wouldn’t be able to protect her.

As Jared seemed indifferent, the rest heaved a sigh of relief. None of them knew the extent of Jared’s abilities, after all.

After a while, they filed out of the mansion.
Tommy and Phoenix stood guard outside to protect Jared at all times.

Although the Martial Arts Grandmaster had frightened them out of their wits, they wouldn’t leave Jared alone.

Josephine and Lizbeth remained inside, looking downcast.

‘I’m sorry, Jared. It’s all my fault. If something happens to you, I won’t be able to forgive myself,” Lizbeth uttered apologetically.

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