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The Old Man and the Ant

An old man was walking down the road. Towards him, a small ant was dragging a large wheat grain. The old man was surprised: the grain is larger than the ant itself, and he drags it playfully.
– Where are you dragging the grain? The old man asked the ant.
– To my home. In the winter, eat, the ant replied.

The old man thought and asked again,
“Why is your head so big?”
“Because I have a big mind,” the ant replied.
– Why do you have such a thin waist?
– Because I don’t eat much.
– How long will this seed be enough for you?
– For two years.

The old man did not believe the ant. “I’ll see if one seed will be enough for him for two years,” he thought, took the ant, brought it home, put it in a jug, threw one grain of wheat there and closed it.

It’s been three years. The old man forgot about the ant. In his fourth year, he remembered and snapped, “The poor ant must have died!” An ant and half a grain fell out of the jug.

The old man was surprised:
” You said that one grain is enough for you for two years, but three have already passed, and you ate only half. What does that mean?
I sat in the jug for three years because you forgot about me. If I had eaten the grain in two years, wouldn’t I have starved to death?” the ant replied.

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