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The Wolf and the Donkey poem

A wolf once roamed the mountainside. He hadn’t eaten anything for three days, he was completely starving, his sides had fallen in, his tail was barely dragging on the ground. Suddenly, a wolf noticed a donkey in a clearing at the foot of the mountain. He gathered his last strength and ran there.
A gray donkey grazed peacefully, pinching the grass.
“How lucky I am,” the wolf thought, “what a fattened young donkey!”
The wolf ran up to the donkey and said:
– Hello, dear donkey! How glad I am to see you!
“Hello, mountain wolf,” the donkey replied orderly. “It’s a pleasure that we met.
“How did you get here?” The wolf wondered. – Something I haven’t seen you here before.
“I’m from the village,” the donkey said. – I went for a walk and found myself here. Very juicy grass in this clearing.
“It’s good that you thought about food in time. Especially since I’m just starving to death. So without further ado, I’m going to eat you now!
– What are you, Mountain Wolf! Don’t eat me! The donkey was frightened and turned away from the wolf in fear.
– No, eat!
“Don’t eat, please!” The donkey pleaded.
“Do you want to starve me to death?” I haven’t eaten anything in three days!
Donkey embarked on a ruse:
“How sorry I am for you, mountain wolf!”
– Of course it’s a pity. That’s right. You see such a hungry wolf for the first time in your life.
“Not only are you hungry right now. But when you eat me, you get hungry again, and you will have to spend the whole year scouring these steep mountains, making your way through mountain streams and through forest thickets to get your food again!
“Yes, you’re right, we wolves have a hard life,” the wolf agreed.
“And I know how to get you food for the whole year!”
– Really? The wolf wondered. Tell me quickly before I eat you.
“Not only will I tell you, I will even take you to the place where a whole herd of sheep from our village is grazing! If only you had seen them! What fat sheep! And how many lambs they have! You can’t count it in a day! What meat lambs have – juicy, tasty, aromatic! I highly recommend giving it a try. You won’t regret it. Enough food for a whole year, dear wolf!
The wolf licked. He liked the donkey’s story about a herd of fat sheep with lambs. Even nicer was that the donkey called him a respected wolf. So far, no one has addressed him so respectfully. And, frankly speaking, the wolf was interested in riding a donkey.
With an important species, the wolf replied:
– Okay, I agree. Take me to this herd. Just be careful, don’t gallop through the mountains like crazy. I don’t like it when it shakes.
” What are you, dear wolf! You’ll ride like a feather feather.
The wolf perched on the back of the donkey, grabbed its front paws at the donkey’s ears like reins, and they drove off.
The donkey walks in an even step, the stumps and bumps go around, through the stones and dry branches carefully steps over and from time to time politely the wolf asks:
“How are you feeling, dear wolf?” Isn’t it shaking? Is it comfortable for you to sit?
– Convenient! The wolf replies. – Look and continue to drive properly, otherwise I’ll be angry.
– What are you, dear wolf! I try so hard.
The wolf sits on a donkey, looks down, occasionally the donkey pulls one or the other ear, as if it were ruling. The wolf saw riders ruling horses on mountain roads.
And the donkey had already turned off the mountain path and ran straight down the road to the village.
“We’ve been driving for a long time, donkey,” the wolf grumbled. – I can’t help it. I want to!
“Another five minutes and we’re there!” The donkey said. “I can run faster!”
And he rushed to the village with all his legs.
No sooner had he reached the first houses, dogs barked loudly, and people jumped out of the houses.
The donkey that eats urine rushes down the street, roars in a loud voice, and even squirms!
– Wolf, Wolf! People shout. – Catch it!
The peasants grabbed a shovel, a stick, a rake.
– Catch the Wolf! They scream. ” Here it is, villain! How many sheep we have dragged, and now he wants to eat the donkey!
The wolf was frightened, jumped onto the road and rushed away from the village with all his legs.
He ran for a long time until the noise of the chase subsided. Finally stopped the spirit to translate in the dense bush. He lies, breathes heavily, and thinks:
“My whole family was modest. My grandfather didn’t care, he didn’t ride donkeys. All my life I walked and did not complain. My father was also modest, he caught sheep, and he did not even dream of riding a donkey. And I sat down on a donkey, pulled my ears, pretended to be a rider. Because of this, he almost died. It’s my own fault. Will I have science another time. I’ll never ride a wasp again.la…”

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