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Wolf, fox, hare and donkey

The wolf chased after the fawn. In the forest, the fawn cannot run fast, and the wolf will easily overtake him. Knowing this, the fawn jumped out of the thicket and ran along the forest edge. Here, the wolf won’t catch up with him!

At the forest edge, the hunter dug a deep hole. He threw a piece of meat at the bottom of the pit. The hunter hoped that the forest animals, attracted by the smell of meat, would jump into the pit, and they would not be able to get out of there. That’s where he’ll get them!
The fawn, running away from the wolf, swung over the pit and ran on. And the wolf, who saw nothing but a fawn, fell down there and broke his front leg.

The wolf ate a piece of meat that was lying in the pit and decided to get out of it, but not here. The pit is deep. The wolf climbs the wall of the pit, but a broken leg interferes with him, and he falls down again. Many times the wolf tried to climb out of the pit, but nothing happened. The wolf was desperate and howled. But howling can you help trouble? Howl and whine as much as you like!

On the pit in which the wolf was sitting, a fox accidentally stumbled upon. The wolf, noticing her, stopped howling and whining, and affectionately turned to the long-tailed:
– My Soul Is a Fox! I missed you so much, I missed you so much! Especially since yesterday! What a beauty you are, sister! Your nose is as sharp as an awl. And your ears, your ears! No one has such beautiful ears! And your skin, your skin! Now I understand why all people love your skin so much! A fur coat made of your skin would like to be worn by the shahina herself! Your skin is golden! That’s why it shimmers in the sun! And your tail, your tail! No one has such a smart tail! He leads both the hunter and his dogs by the nose! Such an intelligent, such a cunning animal as you, I have not met in our forest! Help me, sister, get out of the hole. For this, I will do whatever you ask for for you. You know that my word is right and my courage is real. You can’t help but believe me!
– Who doesn’t know that your word is false? (“your word is false” – in the original letters: “your word is leaky”).You will not deceive me with beautiful words! Sit there and wait for me to pull you out! The fox said and ran away.
The wolf howled again, whimpered, tried to climb out of the pit, but all in vain! While the wolf howled and whimpered, a hare accidentally stumbled upon the hole in which he was sitting.

The wolf, noticing the hare, stopped howling and spoke affectionately:
– My friend, I love you more than my own eyes! How glad I am to see you! How I missed you! What a kind face you have! The sun can envy you! Your eyes are like stars in the sky! And your ears, like little spades, stand sticking out like a thoroughbred Tram horse! (The Tram horse is a riding breed of horses, widely known throughout the North-Western Caucasus. Famous horse breeders bred horses of this breed – Abaza agmysta (nobles) Tramov (Trama). Mentioned by M. Y. Lermontov in the poem “Izmail-Bey”: “A strong pet of tram herds …”)

– And your skin would be glad to have a prince for a winter hat! You run uphill like a bullet flying out of a barrel. That’s because your front legs are shorter than your hind legs! And you roll down the mountain. So no one can catch up with you! Get me out of here. Whatever you want to ask for it, I’ll do it!

– What are you, knows not only my head, but also my tail. Sit in the pit and wait for me to pull you out! The hare said and immediately ran away.
The wolf howled again, whimpered.

While the wolf howled and whimpered, a donkey came across the pit in which he was sitting. Noticing the donkey, the wolf rejoiced: he found, they say, a fool, he will pull me out of the pit.
The wolf affectionately addressed the donkey:
– My friend, my soul! How my eyes missed you! I heard your smell from afar and rejoiced unspeakably! How happy you are, my brother! How many of our brothers have such a kind face? Only you! And how much intelligence do you have! And your ears! Even an elephant does not have such ears! Your ears have become so big because there is a lot of intelligence in your head. After all, your ears grow on your head! Where are the horses before you! Is she as slender, as beautiful as you are? And your voice, your voice! There is no other animal on earth with such a beautiful voice! As soon as you start singing, all the birds fall silent and listen! You sing and the echo runs all over the earth. Get me out of here, my brother! Whatever you ask for it, I’ll do it.

The donkey, hearing such flattering words, knelt down and lowered his head into the pit.
“If I pull you out of the pit, how will you thank me?” He asked the wolf.
– I am the master of all mountain meadows. If you get me out of here, I’ll take you to the mountains, I’ll give you beautiful pastures. There’s grass there that’s what you love. There are springs in which there is always clean and cold water. There are caves that will shelter you from rain, wind and snow. They are spacious, bright and warm! There won’t be a person who makes you work for them. There is a free and free life. Get me out of here and you’ll get it all,” the wolf said.

As the wolf spoke, the donkey lower and lower lowered its head into the pit. Then the wolf clung to the donkey’s muzzle. The long-eared man became very hurt and jerked his head. So he pulled the wolf out of the hole.

And the wolf doesn’t unclench its jaws. The donkey spins, jerks its head, but cannot get rid of the wolf’s teeth. He trembles with his whole body, drenched in sweat. The forces began to leave the donkey, his legs do not hold him, he is about to fall. And when the donkey fell, the wolf let go of his muzzle and gnawed at his throat. The hungry wolf ate the entire carcass of a donkey – leaving only the head and bones.

The wolf barely made it to the edge of the forest, climbed into the bush and fell asleep. A dog came across the sleeping wolf and woke him up. The wolf rushed, but could not escape: after all, the leg was broken, the stomach was stuffed with meat! The dog rushed at the wolf, knocked him down. A hunter came running in, killed the wolf and skinned it. I began to look for my donkey, but my head and bones remained from it.

A sad hunter brought home the skin of a wolf. Sorry he was a donkey.
“Why are you so sad?” And where is our donkey? My wife asked.
“Nah, hold on,” the hunter handed his wife a wolf skin. – Traded for a donkey.

That’s why people say, “The wolf pays for what it eats with its own skin.”

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